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Economic impact of gastroenteritis in Ireland

Project Reference: 03-RESR-018

Status: Completed

Commencement Date: April, 2004

Project Duration: 24 months


Building on the findings of the report on "Acute Gastroenteritis in Ireland, North and South: a Telephone Survey", this project assessed the economic impact of gastroenteritis across the IoI taking into account the burden on individuals, families, informal carers, primary care and hospital services.

This was achieved by carrying out a study in general practices to provide data to improve estimates of overall numbers of cases and patterns of different pathogens in primary care; a study of treatment and costs of treatment in primary care; a survey of families of patients with gastroenteritis to assess impact on individuals, families and informal carers; and a study of hospital treatments and associated costs for people with gastroenteritis drawn from hospital admission data.

Principal Contractor(s):

Prof Jennifer Roberts, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Prof Charles Normand, Trinity College Dublin



The Economic Impact of Gastroenteritis on the Island of Ireland

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