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Good days and bad days

Good days and bad days



This research sought to gain an understanding of the reasoning behind consumers’ food choices and to explore the role of shopping practices/strategies that both promote and impede healthy shopping behaviour.

good days bad days report coverThe objectives were as follows:

  1. To identify and classify situational factors influencing shopping decisions and strategies/shopping practices used for healthy shopping
  2. To conduct a qualitative exploration of the ways in which shoppers make choices in relation to purchasing food
  3. To investigate the relationships between consumers’ personal, situational and behavioural factors (barriers and promoters) influencing healthy food shopping
  4. To make recommendations on strategies and practices for implementing healthy food shopping.

Based on the findings of the Good days and bad days report, safefood’s key recommendations for consumers are to:

  • Make a meal plan ahead of shopping
  • Be in the right frame of mind (not hungry, stressed, tired)
  • Stick with your plan to buy fresh, healthy food (lots of people used a mental or physical list to achieve this)
  • Look at labels (you can build your knowledge up weekly)
  • Avoid promotions for unhealthy foods

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