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Pizza - What's in that box?

Pizza - What's in that box?

ISBN: 978-1-905767-25-0



cover of report, with a pizza boxThe research is the latest in a series of reviews of takeaway foods and continues safefood’s work in helping consumers make more informed choices when eating food that is prepared outside the home. With 40% of the population eating pizza at least once a week, the research revealed very limited availability of healthier options when ordering takeaway pizza. safefood also found that that over half of people choose a 12 inch pizza and that 1 in 5 were now choosing a “large” sized pizza.

The safefood research, which analysed 240 takeaway pizzas of three varieties from 60 different outlets also found limited availability of healthier options across pizza outlets, with only 10% of those surveyed offering options such as lower-fat cheese, thin pizza base or additional vegetable toppings. Only 7% offered children’s size options.

In general, pizzas from take away outlets were higher in calories, salt and fat when compared to the equivalent shop bought pizza. Thin based pizza types were found to be the healthiest across all outlets whereas deep base pizzas were found to contribute significantly more calories per pizza.

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