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Research portfolio

Research portfolio



A bank of information on the research projects that safefood has commissioned since 2006 across key subject areas. As such, it is a continuation of the initial safefood publication "Research Portfolio 2000 - 2005".

All safefood commissioned research from 2000 onwards with links to the various outputs from each project, including peer reviewed publications, are available on the new online research database. A brief abstract describing the project objectives is provided. The portfolio includes information on research projects that are underway at the time of printing and, as such, it is a dynamic document that will be continuously updated.


Since 2006, safefood has commissioned almost forty further research projects. Most involved laboratory or field investigations while a number of projects were/are desk‑based.

In addition, safefood has carried out nine broad reviews of various aspects of the food chain. These projects can be broadly categorised into four thematic areas:

research portfolio categories

Figure 1: Number of safefood research projects by subject (2006–2014)

For logistical reasons, the information provided on each project is limited. This includes the principal contractor and any collaborating researchers and their employment institutions, when the project began and how long the research lasted, and the project’s current status.

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