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Research Portfolio 2000 - 2005

Research Portfolio 2000 - 2005

Food safety research is an important function within safefood's legislative remit, and is an area that the organisation has been active in since its inception. 


Purpose of the Research Portfolio

The safefood Research Portfolio 2000 to 2005 has been prepared to provide information,
where relevant, the findings of research projects funded by safefood since its establishment
in December 1999.

It describes, in broad terms, the research projects that safefood has commissioned since
2000 across key subject areas. This portfolio will be of interest to government agencies,
research institutions, public health professionals and other parties across Ireland.

Who are safefood?

safefood, the Food Safety Promotion Board, was set up under the British–Irish Agreement Act, 1999. It operates under the brand name of safefood. Its headquarters are in Cork, with a sub–office in Dublin. However, it conducts its work on an all–island basis, and reports to the North–South Ministerial Council.

What do safefood do?

The governing legislation confers the following specific functions on safefood:

  • promotion of food safety
  • research into food safety
  • communication of food alerts
  • surveillance of foodborne disease
  • promotion of scientific co–operation and laboratory linkages
  • development of cost–effective facilities for specialised laboratory testing
  • scientific assessment of the safety and hygiene of the food supply.

Although this document covers the research commissioned by safefood, this is only one
aspect of our legislative remit with regard to research. safefood has responsibilities for food safety research on the island of Ireland as follows:

  • Identifying priorities for research
  • Commissioning and funding research projects
  • Establishing a database of research programmes
  • Disseminating research findings
  • Recommending action arising from research findings
  • Maintaining links with international research bodies.

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