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Healthy lunchboxes

Healthy lunchboxes

Children who eat a nutritious lunch in schoool are also better able to concentrate and learn in the classroom.

Lunch planner

As teachers you will know that good food habits set early in childhood can last a lifetime. As lunches provide around one third of our daily nutritional needs, it’s important to put some thought and planning into them.

You may wish to offer parents copies of the safefood Healthy Lunchboxes leaflet to support your school's healthy eating policy.

The leaflet provides simple advice for parents on how to prepare a healthy lunchbox, along with some useful food safety tips.

The leaflet includes a 5-day lunch planner and a guide to suitable drinks.

The leaflet is available in Irish, English and Polish

You can download PDF copies of the leaflet in Irish, English and Polish below.

Printed copies in Irish and English are also available. To order printed copies, please fill in the order form at the bottom of the page. 

Your leaflets will be delivered when school returns in September.


Get the lunchbox leaflet

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Order printed copies of the safefood Healthy Lunchboxes leaflet

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