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Elements of media



The children should be able to recognise and understand that people who are involved in media production use elements such as logo, slogans, celebrities, characters/ animals, the use of humour to encourage us to feel a range of emotions and make us feel in a particular way.

Understand that advertisements (and their messages) are meant to make us feel a particular way.

Learning Intentions

Language and Literacy: Reading

  • Consider, interpret and discuss texts, exploring the ways in which language can be manipulated in order to affect the reader or engage attention.

Language and Literacy: Writing

  • Experiment with rhymes, rhythms, verse structure and all kinds of word play and dialect.
  • Write for a variety of purposes and audiences, selecting, planning and using appropriate style and form.

PD&MU: Strand 2  – Mutual Understanding in the Local and Wider Community

  • Examining the role of advertising at a local and or global level.
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