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The children should be able to design an information media campaign to show how the media can be a source of information and make the world a smaller place.

Learning Intentions

Language and Literacy: Talking and Listening

  • Listen and respond to a range of fiction, poetry, drama and media texts through the use of traditional and digital resources.
  • Participate in a range of drama activities across the curriculum.
  • Improvise a scene based on experience, imagination, literature, media and/or curricular topics.
  • Use appropriate quality of speech and voice, speaking audibly and varying register, according to the purpose and audience.

Language and Literacy: Reading

  • Represent their understanding of texts in a range of ways, including visual, oral, dramatic and digital.

Language and Literacy: Writing

  • Write for a variety of purposes and audiences, selecting, planning and using appropriate style and form.
  • Create, organise, refine and present ideas using traditional and digital means, combining text, sound or graphics.

The Arts: Drama

  • Develop their understanding of the world by engaging in a range of creative and imaginative role-play situations.

PD&MU: Strand 2  – Mutual Understanding in the Local and Wider Community

  • Exploring how the media present information.
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