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Food poverty on the island of Ireland

In this episode of our Nutrition podcast we look at food poverty and the cost of a minimum food basket on the island of Ireland.

We talk to Dr Bernadette Mac Mahon, Director of Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice, and Robert Thornton who works with her as Senior Research and Policy Officer. They are the researchers behind safefood’s reports on the cost of a healthy food basket on the island of Ireland. Transcript

Budget studies reports

The Cost of a Healthy Food Basket in Ireland in 2020

The Cost of a Healthy Food Basket in Northern Ireland in 2020

Webinar: Food Poverty and Inequalities on the Island of Ireland

Robert Thornton of the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice is joined by Anne McCusker from Belfast Healthy Cities, Professor Martin Caraher from City from the University of London and Katie Hunter, from the British Dietetic Association NI. Watch the recording

The safefood Nutrition podcast is presented by Dr Aileen McGloin, safefood’s Director of Marketing and Communications, and looks at key issues like obesity, weight stigma, sustainability and health in the media. 

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