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  • This quick recipe gives a boost of flavour to pork chops. The sweet and spicy flavour combined with the salsa is a perfect dinner on a summers evening.

  • This chicken biryani recipe is so simple and easily made with just a few items from your cupboard. Cool before refrigerating and this dish is perfect to have for lunch the next day.

  • Recipe for chicken risotto. Easy to make, this Italian rice based dish can be done with or without chicken.

  • This is a great recipe for using up leftover turkey and vegetables. Warm and filling, a good winter recipe.

  • This take on the Middle Eastern dish is a simple and quick to make recipe. As well as being a delicious dinner, this dish also works as a great lunchbox filler so be sure to keep any leftovers for lunch the next day!

  • Low in fat and salt this is a great healthy spicy chicken kebabs recipe that can be enjoyed off the barbeque or from under the grill! You will need 4 skewers for this recipe.

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