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Describe what stereotyping is and understand how stereotyping is used in the media i.e. making assumptions about certain groups.

Learning Intentions

Language and Literacy: Talking and Listening

  • Participate in group and class discussions for a variety of curricular purposes.
  • Describe and talk about real experiences and imaginary situations and about people, places, events and artefacts.

Language and Literacy: Reading

  • Begin to be aware of how different media present information, ideas and events in different ways.

PD&MU: Strand 2  – Mutual Understanding in the Local and Wider Community

  • Relationships with Family, Friends and at school:

– Exploring and examining what influences their views, feelings and behaviour.

  • Relationships with the Wider World:

– Understanding that differences and similarities between people arise from a number of factors including cultural, ethnic/racial and religious diversity, gender and disability.
- Exploring how the media present information.

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